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The Open Education Disc is a disc containing over 40 software titles which are designed with students in mind. They are all free to use and also free to distribute to your own students. The link below gives a list of all titles contained on the DVD.The download is in the iso format which allows you to send this direct to your DVD burner for easy copying. If you need some help burning this DVD check this link.

Another good link is Open Source Schools in the UK for additional information and resources. 

Download Open Education Disc here

Software Use In Schools

Robertson NS Robertson NS is a Donegal School. See what softwarethey use.  More



Free Software on the Web

Using shareware and freeware may be an alternative option for some. List of 450 free  software titles.

 More on Educational Software titles 


Fresh on Software Central

New reviews on Compression Tools

Looking to find out more about Graphic editing tools

Welcome to Software Central  


Software Central aims to provide you with advice and support on how to use and manage software within your classroom and school.

This website contains over 70 evaluated or profiled software titles by practising teachers. This site also contains resources such as Software Evaluation Framework which aims to assist the evaluators in identifying the practical and educational benefits of software in teaching.

Software Central also has a expanded section to look at recent research in the use of software in education.

Please note that Software Central will not be updated regularly. As a result some of the information on this site may go stale or out of date. Please contact the NCTE if you have a software related query.


DEIS/PIL Agreement signed

The Department of Education and Science (DES) and Microsoft has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate the extension of the Partners in
Learning School Agreement to all DEIS schools at primary and post-primary level.

Under the Agreement, Microsoft Limited is offering low cost desktop software
(Windows XP Pro Upgrade and Office 2007) to certain disadvantaged Primary and
Post-Primary schools. The schools selected for participation in the Partners in Learning School Agreement have been agreed by DES and Microsoft. Schools will be informed by letter shortly. The Agreement runs from July 2008 to June 2013 More

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