Word Shark 3- Laptop Initiative

Publisher: White Space

Age group: 11-17 yrs

Year published: 2001

Curriculum: English

Format: CD-ROM

System: PC

Min spec to run:


  • Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, 
  • 128 Mb recommended (64 MB minimum)
  • 300MB hard disk space

Licence: 106 euro-single user; 577 euro-10 user network version

SummaryWord Shark is a multisensory program comprising 36 games that support all aspects of literacy.  The games are divided into six sections: Word Recognition, Spelling, Sounds and Letter Patterns, Splitting up words, Matching and Sentences, Alphabet and Dictionary.  The games are fast moving and students find them motivating and exciting.

Wordshark is particularly suitable for pupils with Special educational needs.  It uses the visual auditory and kinaesthetic channels, which makes it ideal for students who have a specific learning difficulty in reading and spelling. It follows the Alpha to Omega program by Hornsby and Shear, a leading dyslexia manual. Wordshark can be adapted for use by visual or hearing impaired pupils.  Special needs pupils may require the assistance of a teacher or Special Needs Assistant when using the program.

I used Wordshark with first and second year post-primary pupils to reinforce phonics and word recognition in conjunction with the Laptops initiative for dyslexia and other reading and writing difficulties. I used the software mainly with individuals or small groups. The students quickly mastered the necessary skills to use Wordshark.

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