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Software Evaluation Guide
This guide produced by the NCTE in collaboration with TEEM (Teachers Evaluating Educational Multimedia) is designed to assist teachers in making informed decisions about educational software. It provides information on selecting and evaluating software for use with students and includes a section on evaluating software for special needs.

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Teachers, students and parents are often looking for relevant research on educational software. This section contains links to international research sites where relevant educational reports are located. 

The NCTE will shortly be including links to research papers in educational software currently being undertaken in many Irish universities.

BEACON Learning Center
Resources and information for teachers and students.

Provides information, advice and dialogue relating to ICT in education for schools.

Northwest Educational Technology Consortium
Provides professional development opportunities, access to technical assistance, and support for collegial interaction that allow and encourage educators throughout our region, and especially in K-12 schools, to become informed and fearless users of technology.

Technology & Learning Online
Includes searchable software reviews, information about professional development activities, and information on grants.

The leading independent evaluation service for educational digital content in the UK.



This section gives information on software applications that can aid teachers implementation of ICT into their curriculum. These applications have been used by various teachers worldwide. The software is grouped into different categories.

The categories are

Browsers- A look at the three most popular browsers used to surf the Internet

Language Learning Tools - Some tools that maybe useful in creating reading, writing and listening activities.  

Compression tools- Applications that allow you to compress files and folders to reduce their size.

Graphic editors- Applications that will allow you to edit and save images in different formats

Web editors- Applications to allow you  to create and edit web pages.

Multimedia- Applications to allow to access the rich media formats found on the Internet.

Mind Mapping- Applications that allow you to create and share Mind Maps

Video Capture (Screencasting)- Applications that will allow you to capture interaction on the screen

PC Utilities- A range of applications that might be useful in intergrating ICT in your teaching

Podcasting/Audio- Applications that will allow you to capture and manipulate Audio with your PC or Mac.

Educational Utilities- Applications that are designed for or have a impact in education



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